Offline Sites

Offline WordPress MultiSite in Knjižnica i čitaonica Kutina

Running on Lenovo AllinOne PC with Xampp and WordPress MU, providing information to library users about available books, movies, music CD …

It consists of six (6) custom made wordpress themes joined in multisite system:

  1. Main page: pocetna_stranica – Standard library information like membership conditions, lending conditions, price list, log in – register form, library history timeline … and main divisions of five sections for users to choose. Theme is Metro inspired and is very simple with just few custom page templates.
  2. Book catalog (with book suggestions):katalog_knjigaCustom made theme with js slider, custom post types, custom taxonomies, Y.A.R.P. plugin, User Bookmarks (premium) plugin for creating a lending list, Video book trailers from YouTube or Vimeo … In single book display there is availability check button that connects with input in offical library WEBPAC (Web Public Access Catalog)
  3. Movie collection catalog:zbirka_filmovaThis is the same theme as “Movie Catalog” only with few minor modifications for better MultiSite navigation and it’s adjusted for wider monitor resolution (1080p), although there is a future plan to make it more wider. There is button in single movie display that connects media with WEBPAC input.
  4. Music collection catalog:glazbena_zbirka – Custom made theme with CPT and CT, jquery slider, User bookmarks plugin, AWPQSF for better search filtering (plugin). Connection with WEBPAC will be made in future. Colorful theme with nice big menu but it is made for 1980px x 1080px resolution ONLY.
  5. Collection of books about war in Croatia (1991. – 1995.): domovinski_ratThis is just wordpress version of pure html site that I created few years ago. Html version still functioning on this location: KiČKT ZKDR. Main problem is a thing that all book entries are made like pure text list, there is a chance that this will be made through custom post types, but it depends on users response.
  6. WEBPAC: webpac_ekatalog– This one is simply holder theme for web public access catalog of library inside this multisite system. Barebone, one page theme with iframe in it.

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