My Sites

Standalone sites that I created (I even administrate most of them):

kk_ciglenicaKK “Ciglenica” – my first wordpress based site, first .com domain registered, first paid hosting and so… Site is still upgrading, constantly updating and expending. Running with free Graphene theme (which is one of my favorite free wp themes), customized over child theme, social networks covering also (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube). Added some players results charts with Highcharts and Lightbox Plus plugin. On this site I’m using some custom made graphics of ninepin bowling pins and bowls created by my brother Paolo Del Ponte in Blender. Exclusive author of all content, images and videos on site :).

kuglacki_portalKuglački portal – this is my personal project which started in December 2011. There is few others authors posting here and the main goal is to better inform people who like ninepin bowling about news, results, events etc. There is Facebook and Twitter social profile attached to it. Running on WP, theme is Arthemia with some “advanced” customization that includes PHP. Added another menu area and some widgets areas in footer, unfortunately main core files are altered during that process. Needs redesigning, planning it, not started yet, it depends on views during first half of 2013. Not planing to redesign, it will run until the end of current year (2013), after that it will be archived and shut-down.

szkssmzŠŽKSSMŽ – official web site of ninepin bowling classic county union. Created on July 2012. Running with WP, and TwentyThirteen free theme. There is some custom made graphics included, like logo and header image. Theme is responsive although there will be some adjustment for better smartphone displaying. Added a back-end customization for better handling of custom post types, event list, news, comments etc. It contains four league tables made with wpDataTables. Redesign is made during August and September 2013. Data update will be done until the end of 2013. It’s under free .hr domain, that’s why it’s so long :). I’m administrator and author of content.

KSVŽ – official web site of ninepin bowling classic county union. Created on July 2012. Running with WP, and Skirmish free theme. Custom made graphics like union logo and header image and little css adjustment. Few custom made template pages for documents, clubs, players etc… This site was the first site I made for third-party and it’s not under my administration. There is actual project involving live results from Varaždin’s bowling alley that will be displayed through this web page, but currently it’s under construction. Really minimum off job is done on that site, few customization and installation of WP on host. Although, there will be some upgrading in future.

inesinetorte_1Inesine torte –  my wife’s site with some of her works like cakes, fondant models and other… WP running, with custom made theme developed by me, based on design by Olia Gozha . Started in September 2012. Redesign made in April 2013. Nivo slider included, activated on specific category post featured image. Several widget and menu areas, scroll to top with jquery, LightboxPlus plugin installed, Adsense through text-widgets, Google Analytic included through wp-plugin. Content managed through custom category template, also post with specific category are displayed on home page (Facebook comments). Currently this is my best coding project, but I will improve it a little more when I catch some time.

Site customizations and sub-sites:

zbirka_filmova_html Zbirka Filmova  | Knjižnica i čitaonica Kutina – Online catalog of DVD/BD titles available for lending in public library of Kutina (Croatia). Fully html/css made which is rather stupid solution 🙂 but necessary for avoiding additional costs for hosting, also main site is made with DotNetNuke (ASP.NET server) and it’s unreachable for upgrading, so this was the best solution at that time. Features CSS slider (js script for IE), search engine (powered by Zoom Search Engine by Wrensoft©), IE8 support, categories arranged by genre … WordPress theme based on this template is under construction and it will be available soon.

Update: This site is still available but it’s no longer updated.

knjiznicazf_coverThis is standalone site that replaced catalog of DVD/BD titles described above. Custom made wordpress theme based on html/css site previously made. It’s on new domain and can be viewed by clicking here. Same functionality like CSS slider, IE8+ support. Added custom post types with custom taxonomies for better control of inserted titles. Register and login functions for creating of list for lending (something like memo list :)). Little back-end customization for easier control over custom post types. Installed plugins for google analytics and automatic database cloud backup with google drive and Lightbox plugin. Functionality of theme can be tested by installing it, and it’s free to use and modify it for any non-commercial purposes.


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